years ago my Dad remembered my birth on a yellow small notepad.  He said that there was a lot of snow and he named the doctor.

He said I had come a long way in life and that he loved me.

Mom is still living and wants to go out to dinner.  What wonderful gifts these parents! 

Today I went to see what kind of trouble my care might have with the power steering.   Turned out they only charged me for the oil change!!  Could have been up to $95 for the look see AND  they WASHED MY CAR.
It didn't need anything extra and I was bracing for the $500 to $1100 work job. NO

Courteous, Kind, and right down on it on a day when we;re having another bout of winter here in Indiana.  Mr Honda would be proud of the way they do business.   The little store now the Taj Mahal of dealerships with over 500 cars in inventory!

Above you see what my Dad insisted I accomplish as a boy, My Eagle Scout.  Nine of us got the Eagle one Sunday afternoon back in the late 60's and a Congressman came to attend the event.  Mom embroidered the Eagle Neckerchief.  Can't tell you how much this set the trail for my life to Be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Courteous, Thrifty, Kind, Brave, Clean and Reverent.  To always be Helpful, to Be Prepared.  These are the ways of the Scout.  Now the girls have wanted to join and I'm sure the gay faction has brought it's share of uplifted eyebrows, but the Scouts are still the Scouts.  They wear uniforms and go camping and attend what is like a college for kids as young boys to men.  I remember camping out and cooking, shooting bows/arrows, rifles, swimming, life saving, first aid,
Citizenship merit badges.  Scholarship, Art, Cooking, Conservation, more of the merit badges and we went year round to camp grounds.  We went to Air Force and Army bases (Fort Knox and Wright Patterson).  We camped at Lake Michigan and made coffee can dinners and ran the dunes.  We spoke and dreamed of girls, and one camp out a girl got into the mix and all of us were circled up listening to the romantic conquest of
Carl and Cindy. 

Remember first base?  I won't tell you what base Carl rounded but all of us younger scouts were pretty mesmerized by the whole ticket.

Canoeing, boating, too, how about fishing?  We went in the winter and the s ummer, Fall or Spring.  There was Camp Kikthewenund where we'd work on merit badges, Astronomy for another.  It was a great part of growing up.  And our Dad's were there and they enjoyed the camping too.

Nothing like creating a shower from a large coffee can and pouring in the water, Wow! 

So when you see a scout doing his Eagle Thing, Project, support him!
Throw a dollar or three his way, it's for a great cause and more than likely a much needed project so he can get his eagle.


39 F feels like summertime here today.  The snow is in melt down and we're bracing for the plummet.  -14F with wind chills of -40!

The two party goers to the left are son and daughter at a mid summer cookout. 

Our roads are coming apart.
The town is weary from this onslaught of winter not seen in this town for decades.  Nothing compares to the up and the down with snow coming here and there throughout the week. 
So you awaken early to make sure you can uncover your car from frost of sub zero weather or get snow off if there is no garage available.  Minnesota is used to this sort of cold and snow but we Hoosiers are not so stout I must say.  We have to take it and move forward in what seems a frozen Hell.  Pipes are bursting, and cars are not starting, the roads are icy as they can be so accidents are
everywhere.  It's wintertime and predicted by the Farmers' Almanac as full Walnut trees give the go for such horrendous weather.


Indianapolis has had the worst winter storm in over 35 years!    Overnight 13" of snow and -18 F with -40 F wind chills.   This might not be weather that would bother a Minnisotan...BUT
it got our attention.

Worrying about frozen pipes, and possible water in my basement while not at the house had me "buggy".

Everything cool though.
If I went through the laundry list  of challenges right now you all might start crying so I'll pass while God is working some miracles. To think in November I was in St. Augustine and saw this lovely church on a night where there was howling wind across the ocean and the Colts pulled out a last second win (their MO).   I left the sports bar before the win was secured and they did it in some kind of whirl wind fashion.

You get to a point where people start to think you're "old" and I have been the victim of age discrimination in two jobs where some insensitive young F***s tried to make my life miserable in the work place.  It got pretty ugly before I was ready to pull the Federal Rip Cord and Rip them a new ...well you know.   I find it pretty incomprehensible when someone can tell you you won't be around another ten years!  And he's your manager to boot.   I took it to the higherups x 3 before we got it straightened away but I'll have you know I was on hold to the EEOC before changing my mind to take it inside.

Now there's a statement!  I guess they need a wide berth to check the sun, you know, keep the rays off the face and neck---perhaps part of the shoulders.  Could ya imagine wearing t h

Here I am at the El Meson ready to have a Dos XX dark draft for the best deal on draft beer I can think of in the city.

My Lady Friend is a bit hard, wooden hard that is.  She's
not very talkative but lively looking that's for sure.

Today has been a Christmas shopping day as well.  Got the Mamuska a ticket to her favorite restaurant (that's Mom btw in Russian).    So we  have a Mexican picture with a Russian title for a German Mom from her half English/half German
son.  Very international.

The mall was full of people who don't dress so well.  Go to hell outfits
that aren't the least bit attractive.  Saw a picture of a baby girl done by the artist Mom that was phenominal!   This asian woman could draw anything,  She had been drawing a dalmation when I approached and we talked a little shop.  I showed her the girl picking flowers which she liked very much.

I walked alone and realized the shoppers were oblivious to this lone steppper.  I noticed the families, rather the men carrying bags--cute little half bags that meant She had been shopping for Her stuff or females.
Just the thing a guy wants to hold perhaps less than a purse, he's a mule
at the mall.  Then there was the Mall Cop on the Gyro scooter.  How dangerous is that? 

A friend quoted Jimmy Kimmel the other  night when he said "I wonder if Jesus minds that his birthday is so close to Christmas?"  The spirit of giving didn't seem too entrenched in the air tonight, more just blah blah blah went the women to their friends.   An occaisional crying kid and the Christmas train where the engineer came flying off the Captains' seat to
yell at two kids who had been yelling at  her!  Now that's the spirit.

I really didn't see anything that overwhelmed me other than the drawing of the baby girl. 

Checked the sump pump at the house because we've had flooding here of late, last night.

Looking forward to the new year, new home, and new job...and maybe if I'm lucky -->new girl.

A blurr caught my eye with this cop car shooting by and my camera just caught it.

Today life is a blurr as well, moving by me at the speed of light and I'm right there immersed in the fire.

Thanks to facebook I bring you this picture of my favorite photographer. My son has a natural eye for creative license with a camera.   He brings the depth of human character, but also with mostly a touch of humor now and again.

I am so proud of him and his sister.

Cannot wait to see them this Christmas!

One day I may write the story condensed from 7 handwritten books on the love affair of 14 years I had with a Chinese girl.

Thousands of emails, numerous cards, and paintings as gifts all pay homage to the love this connection generated.

Now I am as family, now I get texted.  Now I still wish it was the way it used to be, but you only get that in the movies.

When Fall is the time of year you enjoy most because of the brilliance of colors and mild weather.   It is Fall, why not Fall in Love.
There can be no mistake this whole closeness was a secret to some and revelled to others.   I know this, I saw heaven in her eyes and while she has riled up a few friends of mine there is always a place in my heart for her.

When hours become days, years, and a decade has passed and you find yourself on the outside it can be a bit rough.  My Mom said to me once, "you sure can pick 'em".

Just too too many things hitting all at once.  

A move soon, securing better work.  And Christmas is here.
One of my Aunts has pancreatic cancer, and other relatives have medical issues with dialysis and feeding tubes.  

In my job I hear the trials of middle America.  Tomorrow is the Mega Millions drawing and it's up to
over $500mm.   I definitley have a plan for the money if it should hit.
I'm tired of winter already

I am following God's plan, with all that has happened I had to give it over to him.  There was no where to turn.  My home sold in two days and I got a call about my apt approval in the same hour as the offer on the home.
What a miracle/s!


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